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There are different ministries that serve different categories of church and community members. Please, scroll down to see which ones best suit your need and then contact the coordinators for more information. You can also contact the Rector or call (209) 914-4255 for more information.

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Igbo Worship Services

This is our church's main ministry. It caters for the general spiritual, language, and cultural needs of the Igbo Anglicans in the area. The worship is generally in Igbo language. Services are held at 12:30 PM every 2nd Sunday of each month. Please, contact our Rector or call (209) 914-4255 for more information.

Youths and Single Adults

This is our newest ministry and is designed to meet the specific needs of youths and single adults. Teaching and mentoring in spiritual, language, cultural, and dating issues are parts of the activities of this ministry. For more information, please contact (209) 914-4255.

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Children's Ministry

This ministry is tailored toward the spiritual, language and cultural needs of children. They are taught Igbo language and culture through spiritual teaching in Igbo songs, readings, and other performances. For more information about this, please call (209) 914-4255.

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